BigPay - Air Asia

BigPay – Challenge Banking

BigPay is the future of payments and money in Southeast Asia. BigPay has combined the convenience of a mobile app with the flexibility of a prepaid Mastercard® to allow its users to save time and money. – REAL EXCHANGE RATE when paying abroad– INSTANT MONEY…

AppyGuide: Audio tours of the most touristic spots

AppyGuide is a marketplace for the prerecorded audio tours of the most touristic spots.Professional tour guides first capture audio tracks and upload them to AppyGuide’s database.Tourists download the AppyGuide application and purchase the access to the audio tracks. They can play the tracks with the…

Vietnam: A Smart Software Outsourcing Destination

Vietnam is quickly gaining popularity in the IT outsourcing world due to strong fundamentals. Hiring software programmers remotely in Vietnam is a reliable, budget-savvy option. Potential challenges to outsourcing in Vietnam are not as great as they may initially appear. A Rising Star in the…

Skedit Android App

SKEDit: Schedule WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Calls…

SKEDit is a free and easy-to-use scheduling app that lets people schedule WhatsApp messages, SMS, emails, social media posts to be sent later. This top-rated Android scheduling app acts as a personal virtual assistant. Technology : Native AndroidTimeframe : 3 months

Boobytrapp: Connecting Breast Cancer Patients

Connecting Breast Cancer Patients Boobytrapp allows its users to connect with other breast cancer patients to relate to and manage your appointments, medication and side effects. Technology : React Native , NodeJS Timeframe : 12 months

POND Mobile: Allows users from all around the world

Pond Mobile is an app that allows users from all around the world to call their friends at a very low rate. Pond Mobile, is built over a private VoIP network that already serves thousands of users. Pond Mobile application conveniently allows its users to…

Mountain biking trails with GPS navigation

  VTOPO is an app that allows its users to discover new mountain biking trails mapped by GPS:  Client: Extatik.Concept: Biking trail content.Platforms: IOS, Android.Technologies: Ionic, Angular, PHP, Swift.  

Hotel Website

TRALALA Hotel Website is a platform to manage the services, facilities and the events of TRALALA Hotel. Client: TRALALA Hotel Concept: Hotel Management Platform: Responsive Web Technologies: WordPress, MySql